What Your Windows Need

You need windows that work and are energy-efficient. The biggest challenges for old windows are the moving parts and proper fit. In the summer you want to open them to catch that wonderful breeze. In the winter you want proper sealing to conserve heat and energy.

Our Working Restoration Includes:
• Removing and repairing sashes to fit properly
• Cleaning and lubricating pulleys
• Replacing ropes or chains
• Replacing glass, reglazing as needed
• Installing weather stripping – with proven materials
• Reinstalling and assuring working order
• Painting to your specifications

Sometimes Your Windows Need More
Time, weather damage, wood rot and deterioration...
all these forces take their toll on windows.

Our Complete Restoration services include
• Repairing sills, jambs and sashes
• Removing all glass and total reglazing
• Repairing or replacing hardware
• Reconstructing window frames and sashes
• Preparing and refinishing antique wood components
• Assuring a period-appropriate look that restores
_original beauty.

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