Wooden Windows and Doors
Are an Integral Part of the
Character of Your Home

OldTownRepair specializes in repairing, rebuilding and restoring wooden windows and doors. We maintain the history and character of your home and make sure your windows and doors work for you.

Old Town Repair offers:
• General repair and restoration carpentry
• interior and exterior window and door work
• Expert knowledge of antique trim architecture
• Recommendations for repair & restoration
• Help with Historic District Commission
_applications and presentations

Function Meets Fine Craftsmanship
Pat Patrick began OldTownRepair to provide fine craftsmanship to preserve old windows and doors. His commitment is to bring your old windows and doors back to life and working for you, while preserving their original beauty. Pat currently chairs the Old and Historic Districts Commission in Marblehead, MA

The Value of Antique Windows and Doors
When considering what to do to improve your windows and doors it is important for you to have the facts. Replacing windows is not necessarily the best way.

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